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  • What Does the Good Housekeeping Seal Mean for You?

    What it is and why we're proud to have it.

    The Good Housekeeping Seal means that our claims are:

    1. True
    2. Vetted
    3. Guaranteed
    Good Housekeeping Seal

    It means our "claims" are more than claims—they're substantiated.

    From the Experts at Good Housekeeping

    Tried + Tested
    Silky Pillowcases


    A top performer, this high-quality mulberry silk case wowed for half the price of other silk options.

    Tester Notes They loved how comfy it felt and that it helped keep them cool at night. Some reported waking up with crease-free skin.

    Lab Lowdown It aced strength and abrasion tests which simulate tossing, turning and wear and tear, and its momme... was the highest in our test.

    Fisher's Finery 100% Mulberry 25mm Silk

    November 2016 Edition

    We were awarded the Seal after the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) Textile Lab thoroughly tested our 25 momme pillowcase, noting "it aced strength and abrasion tests, which simulate wear and tear, and its momme [25] was the highest in our test."

    That's coming from a team of:

    • Chemists
    • Engineers
    • Data scientists
    • Fiber scientists
    • Registered dietitians
    • Researchers
    • And seasoned product evaluators

    These scientific experts scrutinized all items on their "safety, performance, ease of use, durability, design, as well as customer service" and deemed us the "All-Star Standout" overall winner.

    The GHI did the hard work of testing various brands, so you don’t have to.

    Beyond being designated the best, we also bear their Seal.

    The Good Housekeeping Seal protects certain products within their Consumers Policy—including a limited two-year money-back warranty for products found to be defective.  

    They don't award Seals to just anyone.  

    We passed rigorous tests to assess the veracity of various product claims, including measuring the momme weight and silk grade at the point of manufacture. To meet GHI's consumer safety standards, we became OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.  

    We're proud to have passed with flying colors, and it's truly an honor to be recognized by such a legendary institution—for five consecutive years.

    Pioneers in prioritizing consumer protection, the GHI predates both the FDA and the FTC. The first "experiment station" to evaluate consumer products was opened in 1900—6 years before the FDA and 14 years ahead of the FTC.  

    In the age where embellished marketing claims and unreliable online reviews are the norms, it's tough to tell if what you're buying will really do what it says it will. 

    The Good Housekeeping Seal means you don't have to wonder with Fishers Finery.

    You can shop with the confidence that your satisfaction isn't just assured—it's guaranteed.  

    What the Good Housekeeping Seal means to us. 


    "All-Star Standout"

    From the Experts at Good Housekeeping

    We could not be more ecstatic about earning the Seal—or the experience itself.

    Working with the Good Housekeeping team was an amazing experience. The level of detail, verification, accuracy, and competence involved in testing reinforced the value of the Good Housekeeping Seal. Earning the Good Housekeeping Seal for our Silk Pillowcase collection and 25mm Sleep Mask was a truly rewarding journey. The process has served as a baseline for our entire catalogue.

    - Craig Barnell, co-founder of Fishers Finery  

    When you see the Seal, you can rest assured that you are buying a product that lives up to its marketing claims. That, combined with the peace of mind that Good Housekeeping's warranty provides, makes any product that has earned the Seal stand out from the crowd.  

    The only thing we're more proud of than earning this Seal is the quality of our products.  

    Experience the Fishers Finery difference.