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  • How To Wash Cashmere

    Our cashmere is one of the most luxurious fabrics we offer.

    Using only Grade 6 and 6A, de-haired 2 ply yarn gives our products that super soft and cozy hand feel - mug of hot cocoa and bonfire sold separately.

    But seriously, we love cuddling up to our cashmere on those cool Spring and Fall nights and, of course, during those harsh New England winters. Cashmere is a staple in our closet, which makes it even more important to take care of it properly.

    A lot of people are afraid of cashmere because they immediately think of the complicated laundering, but it doesn't have to be scary or hard.

    Have you ever washed cashmere incorrectly? It's not so soft and cozy anymore right? Well, we've got the scoop on how to properly take care of your beloved cashmere.

    Just follow these few steps to get the most out of it!

    #1. Dry cleaning or washing by hand are the best methods. If these options are suitable, you can wash by hand. This will actually make the cashmere softer over time!
    #2. To wash by hand, use room temperature (cool) water.
    #3. Turn garment inside out.
    #4. We highly suggest using The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. You can also use a baby shampoo or mild detergent.
    #5. Soak for two hours before removing the garment (do not agitate).
    #6. Press out the excess water with a clean towel, but do not wring the garment.
    #7. NEVER place cashmere items in the dryer or hang them! Instead lay the garment flat on a towel and reshape as needed.

    Now that you're in-the-know, you can get the most out of your favorite cashmere pieces for years to come! And for more tips and tricks check out the suggestions the ladies at The Laundress have on caring for your delicate fabrics!

    Looking for more cashmere pieces to add to your wardrobe?

    Check out our Cashmere Newport Collection™ to get all the latest additions!